Little Green Narwhal loves handmade and zero-waste products! We aim to bring you the very best in beautifully made, reusable and zero-waste items for you and your family, and take pride in our friendly customer care.

The majority of our products are designed and sewn by me, Victoria Passmore, at my home in the South-East of England. I specialise in making beautiful, high quality, reusable products, including cloth pads (CSP) and pad pods, reusable baby wipes and makeup wipes, cloth nappies, nursing pads, and more.

From time to time, Little Green Narwhal will also bring you other gorgeous products from some of the very best UK designer-makers. At the moment, our guest makers are Samantha from Crafty Thing, and Loo from To Dye For Manchester. Let us know if there is something you would love to see for sale on the site!