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Those of you who follow the Bumble Bees Facebook page may have seen my overexcitement about a couple of recent sewing related purchases! First of all, a ‘Stack n Store’ bobbin storage tower, and then some rainbow ‘Wonder Clips’. It turns out that they are both made by Clover, so my next job is definitely going to be to find out what other fabulous gadgety things they make!

From the responses on my page I can see that a lot of you share my love for sewing related fabulousness, particularly when it’s something which makes working just a little bit easier AND comes in lovely bright colours.

21615_793968194048456_3447258675914874973_nI’m loving using my bobbin tower. Previously, I kept my bobbins on the little holder thingies in the storage compartments in my sewing machines. This is fine if you are working on one project at a time or if you only need a few colours. But, as you can imagine, as sewing is my job, I had about 3298374 bobbins from 2 different machines in 7642678 different colours. Which meant a mix of bobbins chucked in random boxes with threads unravelling everywhere. Now I have them all neatly stored and easily accessible with the loose ends kept under control, Elna machine bobbins in the pale green and Bernina on the dark green, AND I had an awful lot of fun taking the stack n store apart and rearranging the two different greens in different ways! One or two of you thought my overexcitement over bobbin storage was a bit excessive, but HA! Look who’s laughing now!

wonder clips second star fabric unicornsWonder clips were, I think, originally invented for using instead of pins when quilting. They have one flat side, a wide mouth, and even have seam allowance markings. They seem to be being used more and more outside of the quilting world now though; I decided to get them as I work with quite a few fabrics which are not always easy to pin. Waterproof PUL fabric can’t be pinned anywhere except in the seam allowance as you obviously don’t want holes in it, and jersey fabrics and some velours really don’t like being pinned and pulled around much.  Wonder clips are heavier than pins, which can be a little irritating when working on small projects, but I’ll forgive them that as they are so pretty with all their rainboweyness. Plus, an unexpected benefit of these things has been the reduction in shouty swearing from stabbing myself in the finger or having to find a dropped pin!

Do you have a favourite sewing gadget? What should I buy next?!

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