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  1. Real Nappy Week!

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    Real nappy week 2016 bumble bees cloth nappy

    It's Real Nappy Week! Real Nappy Week was started by the fabulous Go Real 20 years ago to help people switch to cloth nappies. Their website is chock full of useful information about nappy libraries, getting started with cloth nappies, washing advice, and all sorts of helpful stuff! Well worth looking at if you are considering switching to reusables.

    We're also celebrating Real Nappy Week here at Little Green Narwhal! We're offering 10% off Bumble Bees cloth nappies, reusable wipes, cloth sanitary pads, nursing pads, and more.

  2. Cloth nappy glossary.

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    The terminology used with modern cloth nappies can seem a little daunting at first, especially with abbreviations added in to the mix. So, here is your friendly guide to nappy related terms! If you can think of any more, then please do pop a comment below and I'll add them to the list.

    autumn banner bumble bees cloth nappies woodland animal all in two nappiesA

    All in one – a nappy with a waterproof layer and absorbent layer built in. Easy to use as everything you need is right there, you just put it on as you would a disposable nappy.

    All in two – often abbreviated to ai2. A nappy with a waterproof layer and an absorbent insert which either snaps onto or lays inside the waterproof shell.